Harshlands @ Driftwood, Feb 5th

CBC Presents: Chisato in Concert

Driftwood Presents: Kingdom Hearts

Harshlands will have two exclusives at Driftwood, one of these is reviewed here. I’ll review the other one as soon as I figure out how to shoot it.

So, as one might expect for February and an event entitled: Kingdom Hearts, there’s likely to be some focus on hearts. And Harshlands is right there with you. A collection of large (resizeable) metallic hearts. They come in five seasonal themed colors: red and pink for Valentine’s and green, gold, and blue for Mardis Gras and in two versions: one with a crown and one without out.

These are great decorative items and as soon as I saw them I was struck how I might use it as stage decoration or for a dance or well, as a background for photographs. Mind you, they are gorgeous in their own right and one might just have them out as a piece of art.

Check out all the Harshlands exclusives at Driftwood Presents: Kingdom Hearts, starting on Feb 5th, 2020.

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