Mix & Match Style

Welcome to the Mix & Match Style page. This is where you can find some of the really great looks that myself and others have put together. You absolutely DO NOT have to wait for your favourite designer to make something for you to wear. You can, if you are patient and don’t mind losing a little linden here and there, learn to put together fantastic outfits for yourself.

Each week I’ll post a new look using stuff that is publicly available either on the MP or in-world. No single-user custom stuff allowed! These will all be things you can get for yourself if you have enough coin!

AVI(L) Mix & Match for February 3rd, 2020

AVI(L) Weekly Mix & Match for Feb 3rd, 2020

Zero-One’s super practical and fun t-shirt makes wearing jackets a joy.

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Tweenster Mix & Match for Feb 3rd, 2020

Tweenster Mix & Match - Feb 3rd 2020

Last week, I asked Akiko if she’d be interested in putting together looks, not necessarily weekly, to be featured on my blog. It seems that she’s quite eager and based on this look, I think there’s going to be a lot of great mix & matches to look forward to.

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Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind but is still on Netflix

Tuesday is early with this Mix & Match featuring Wretch

Get this anime inspired look by using Wretch’s “Casual Dress” and a few accessories – taking the time to play with the near infinite number of choices using the HUD.

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Tweenster Mix & Match? Yes, that’s right! I said Tweenster Mix & Match!

Tweenster Mix & Match for Jan 27th, 2020 - Pt. 1

Check out Akiko’s new look here!

Looking to turn Japanese? I really think so! Get to Mikunch!

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Do you have a LOT of coin to spare? Want to get a look that I’m relatively sure you’ve only seen ME wearing? Get to Mikunch and check out this week’s Mix & match

Another boy focused Mix & Match this week

Weekly Mix & Match for December 16th

Weekly Mix & Match for December 16th

Yes! It’s another mix & match for AVI(L) boys! And once again, it uses the DEEPLY discounted items from Gabriel.


Now – I did photography from the MOST flattering angle. Even at XXS size, there’s no getting away from the fact that this is slightly oversized. But to me, that’s a plus. It’s not uncommon to have clothes slightly big so that a kid will grow into them.

I did have to use part of my chest and upper shoulder alpha but only to conceal my body when dancing. The long coat comes as a set complete with a faux shirt or sweater and a stole. There is a HUD for the stole and shirt/sweater with a few different textures. There’s a lot of different pants that could be worn with this coat combination but I chose the flare jeans by Orange*Pekoe. They aren’t labeled as being unisex but I think the styling is. Admittedly, I don’t see many guys wearing striped flare jeans but guy fashion tends to be somewhat devoid of flare of any kind, imo. So why not dress it up a little? Take some risks? Get out there and look your best! Conformity is for dogs, not people.

  • Hair: “S12(03) Male” by BarberYumYum
  • Head: “Koura” by Catwa
  • Body: “HOM R4 None” by AVI(L)
  • Skin: “Kansas” by AVI(L)
  • Eyebrows: “Jim Eyebrows” by Clever Language
  • Hands: “Dynamic Hands” by Slink
  • Top: “Long Coat Set XXS” by Gabriel***
  • Pants: “Striped Flare Jeans” by Orange*Pekoe
  • Shoes: “Leather High Sneakers” by Jinn Designs

***Discounted to 1L$

All in for boys with this week’s Mix & Match

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Gabriel has a number of great looking styles in the XXS size that just might, maybe, possibly fit your AVI(L). This Tweed Zip-Up is only 1L$. It’s an impossible deal for a piece that looks so good.

Don’t go over your head with this cute pulled-up pullover!

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Krankhaus is turning out to be a reliable source for jackets, hoodies, and other items for the Avatar 2.0 that just so happen to fit AVI(L). Combined with a few other items worth hunting around for, you’ll end up with a very cute outfit that is more flexible than it seems!

You might be PSYCHO if you don’t want this jacket!

Read all the details here

All it took was a little help from friend to spot this cool jacket and let me know about it. Now I have a great looking club outfit that will feel perfect at a cyber cafe, shut-in, rave, or just huddling under an umbrella while watching out for replicants.

Get more info here!

It’s never to late to look you best!

It’s time for another Mix & Match and this time, we get guest fashion ace, ̗̀亗ღ ÉɠƖαηƚϊηε LovεƖy ღ亗 ̖́- (eglantine18) providing the style.

Click here for more info

Autumn in the North – Spring in the South

We are well into the autumn season so perhaps it seems peculiar to feature a decidedly spring/summer look. Truth be told, I just happened to be taking photos and I figured that this was a good enough shot. I can be a little lazy. Then again, SL is a global community and the bottom half of the world is enjoying their spring as they head into summer. Maybe my photo was taken in Australia? Who can say?

More info here

Autumn chill in the air

This week’s mix & match is all about the changing seasons. Daylight Saving Time is coming to an end, the leaves have begun to fall, and the chill of the coming winter starting to creep in. But with some long sleeves and warm leggings, you don’t have shiver. Click this link for the full list of this week’s mix & match!

Do your homework!

This week’s mix and match takes us back to school and features a NEW T-shirt for the AVI(L) by [Zero-One]. It’s not quite ready for the marketplace but it will be soon. Click this link for the full list of this week’s mix and match!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This week’s mix and match is for all those with a green thumb who enjoy making life and benefiting from the proceeds. Click the link for the full list of this week’s mix and match!

Bitch better have my money!

The following mix and match is perfect for girls, guys, and everyone in between. Click the link to find get the full for this Mix & Match for the week of Oct 7th, 2019

Making my way downtown…

Weekly Mix & Match has arrived again! Check out this link to learn more about the following Mix & Match for the week of Sept 30, 2019

Click here to learn more about this week’s mix and match

WTF are you looking at?

Weekly Mix & Match has begun! Check out this link to learn more about the following Mix & Match for the week of Sept 16, 2019

Check out the blog post for this week’s mix & match

Mix & Match #25 (#24 coming soon)

Mix & Match #23

Mix & Match #22

Mix & Match #21

Mix & Match #20

Chisato shows off Mix & Match #20

Mix & Match #19

No stranger to time travel, Chisato blends in with Mix & Match #19
  • Hair: “SooMi” by Taketomi
  • Glasses “Lovecats” by Miaui Macchi
  • Neck Ribbon “over shirt ribbon” from “Ankle Length Robe” by Orange*Pekoe
  • Top/Jacket: “Poodle Skirt Combo” by Vicarious Youth*
  • Over Knee Socks: “Pretty in Punk” set by Liva Pininfarina
  • Shoes: “Hello, Babyjane” by Liva Pininfarina
  • Body: AVI(L) Mature & Youth
  • Skin: Custom by Liva Pininfarina

*Fitted for Tweenster. Fits with various alphas

Mix & Match #18

Mix & Match #17

Mix & Match #17
  • Hair: Taketomi “Aimi”
  • Bangs: Barberyumyum “Bangs C”
  • Hoodie: TripGear “Acid Bite” Shard Series Jacket
  • Shorts: Liva Pininfarina – “Jeans Bermuda Shorts”
  • Socks: Live Pininfarina – “Granny Ankle Socks”
  • Boots: Liva Pininfarina “Pantone Skechers”

Mix & Match #16

Mix & Match #16

Hair: Taketomi “Aimi”
Bangs: Barberyumyum “Bangs B”
Dress: Wretch “Kemono Sweater” for SMB
Coat: Paris Colivati “Noche – Off Shoulder Fur”
Leggings: Liva Pininfarina – “Sky Pirate Thigh-Highs” (Unreleased)
Boots: Liva Pininfarina “Moonwalkers”

This is the first of what will hopefully be a long series of examples of my mix & match styles. I rarely wear an outfit exactly how it appears on the MP or in the boxes they rezzed out of. Instead, I like to mix and match. In this case, it took 5 designers to make this look happen.

A question I often get is, “how did you know it would fit?” And the answer to that is that I don’t know. If it’s an SMB there’s a really good chance it will fit. If it’s Tweenster then it’s far less likely it will be compatible. But sometimes even something for Maitreya will fit good enough. In this case, the fur coat said that it would fit about any avatar and there was a demo. It turns out they were right and it fits the AVI(L) very well. But I will sometimes just take a risk if there’s no demo. It really depends on how much Linden I have.