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Welcome to the Harshlands Blog. This blog isn’t related to the AVI(L) avatar or any of the compatible fashion lines. This is a side project that I’m involved in. I will periodically review or otherwise blog about the various products offered by Harshlands and the events they participate in.

HARSHLANDS @ Gacha Garden all through February


Ever wondered who is using a 24-hour laundromat in the middle of the night? Well, now you know. Demon girls gotta do the wash now and then too. And with these Nemesis Wings from Harshlands, you can join them!

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HARSHLANDS Presents: Sproutling Awakening! 6th Anniversary Interactive Adventure! Feb 1st thru Feb 29th

Celebrating 6 Years of Harshlands with an Adventure!

If you like interactive hunts, the the Harshlands in-world store is where you want to be. I had the good fortune of doing this hunt on the 1st of February and it was a challenge to be sure. As explained in the poster, the goal is to find all the hidden sproutlings. You get to keep them as you find them and there’s a bonus for completing the mission.

This sounds much like other hunts, there are clues and such to help you on your way, and knowledge of the store’s layout does help. However, the placement of some of these sproutlings might twist your mind. I think it would be best to presume that these creatures are very mischievous and determined NOT to be found. So, go into the hunt with that perspective and you might have an easier time than I did.

It’s a lot of fun and of course, while you are there you just might see some wares that you find irresistible.

Get your hunt on today!

Harshlands on the MP

Harshlands in-world store

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HARSHLANDS! Driftwood Exclusive: Star Tree

Beginning on Feb 5th, 2020, HARSHLANDS will be offering this exclusive item at Driftwood: Kingdom Hearts event.

At first, this tree looks like any tropical tree until you notice the star shaped fruit. They taste like oranges, by the way. If you find yourself stranded on an alien world with these trees, you’ll be glad to know that your water supply is contained in the fruit – with no ill effect unlike coconut water.

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HARSHLANDS @ Driftwood – February 5th

CBC Presents: Chisato in Concert

I return to the Harshlands to blog about all the cool things they routinely produce. Today, I’m all about this exclusive item for the Driftwood: Kingdom Hearts event, Metal Hearts!

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HARSHLANDS @ Reduex – December 14th – 21st

HARSHLANDS @ Redeux thru December

Harshlands continues the winter themed exclusives at Redeux from December 14th thru the 21st with a wonderful little set, perfect for a wide variety of scenes and roleplay.

Features the –
— exclusive Medieval Well, discounted 25%
— The Root of the Heart, discounted 50%
— The 3 size Crystal Flowers Patch is only 50 L$!

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HARSHLANDS @ Driftwood – “North of Whoville”

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There’s an awful lot of things going on in December around SL and it’s no different at the HARSHLANDS. This month at Driftwood, you can get the exclusive “Grinch Setup” which features a number of fun items sure to add some ominous whimsy to your festive decor!

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HARSHLANDS @ SWANK – The Snow Queen summons you!

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All through December at SWANK – the Nordic Ritual Altar, Nordic Ritual Platform, the Portal of Elentirmo, and more!

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HARSHLANDS @ Imaginarium – Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-Meego open sleigh!

Dashing through the snow…click here

All through December at the Imaginarium – pick up one or all of these Meego critters with a one-meego open sleigh wearable vehicle guaranteed with 20 pulls!

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HARSHLANDS @ Enchantment – Snow Queen – Nov 9th thru Dec 2nd

Look for me in the white forest, hiding in a hollow tree – click here

Out now at Enchantment:

Winter Guardian and Root of the Heart, exclusive releases.

Plus, 20% off Muso Gacha!

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Harshlands @ SWANK all through November!

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Throughout the month of November 2019, you can pick up this SWANK exclusive from Harshlands! The Autumn Guardian is a great looking addition to your forest fantasy sim or just a great place to recharge. Click here to read more about it.

Harshlands @ Redeux Oct 14th thru Oct 21st

For the week of Oct 14th thru Oct 21st, get thee to Redeux to take advantage of some great exclusives from Harshlands. Become the feudal lord you’ve always wanted to be. Click here for more information.

Harshlands Exclusives at SWANK all through October

All this month, Harshlands will be offering some exclusives at SWANK that might be just the thing for your decor needs. Click here to read more.

Harshlands at Driftwood Dream Series – The Winchester Curse Event all thru October

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Harshlands is participating yet again in the Driftwood Dream Series through the month of October with the Winchester Curse Event.

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Voodudes at Gachaland thru October

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It’s that time of year when stuff gets extra spooky in Secondlife. And at Harshlands, it’s even more spooky than usual with this scary good line up of holdable plush dolls called Voodudes.

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Harshlands & Twisted Hunt 2019

Before you turn around – click this link to embiggen

Harshlands is participating in the Twisted Hunt for September 2019. The exclusive items can be picked up at the Harshlands main in-world location. More information on the Twisted Hunt itself can be found here.

Harshlands @ Swank – This September, pick up the latest collection from the Harshlands

Click here to view the Aftermath in full size

Swank is holding a “Designer’s Choice Creative Freedom” September sales event and my friends at the Harshlands have responded with a collection featuring some recent favourites and a new piece that is sure to be welcome in a wide variety of sims. The centrepiece of this collection are a trio of exclusive “dancing elf statues” in regular stone, mossy stone, and stone w/ magic grass. The statues are elegant and graceful in that ancient and grim, future/past way that Harshlands routinely provides. Haunting, yet undeniably beautiful these statues could be placed overlooking a family park, a memorial to fallen warriors, a music/dance venue, on in the centre of a fountain. Or perhaps, you could use them as the main focus of your post-apocalyptic urban scene as I have done.

Also included in this exclusive collection are items that have been previously provided in packs, the Crystal Flower Pack, the Crystal Trees, the Energy Crystals, and the fantastic Sacred Mirror all of which I’ve reviewed previously below this entry. Seriously, if you don’t have the Sacred Mirror, I’m not sure what you’re doing or waiting for. And now with the Swank event running through September, now is the time.

Harshlands @ Driftwood – Get the alien sci-fi themed set today! [update]

Harshlands – Space Station Backdrop
Harshlands – Alien Ruins, Alien Monoliths

There is a TON of things by Harshlands out right now for Driftwood. There’s more than I can realistically put into one photograph so I’ve begun to make a series. I will update this blog over the next couple of days with additions until I’ve covered everything to my satisfaction.

First of all, when you think of Harshlands, “space station” probably doesn’t leap to mind. Nevertheless, the Space Station Backdrop is a nice piece of kit. It looks fantastic and was surprisingly easy to photograph. Various windlights and projectors brought out details that are not readily apparent under normal lighting conditions. And yeah – there’s a great view of a planet below

The second photo shows a little bit of the alien ruin (but not much). It’s definitely a piece worth checking out in person at Driftwood while you can. There are great looking alien language carvings in the stone that add mystery to the piece and are a perfect place to kick off a bit of role play. My favourite of this particular set are the monoliths. They come in a number of colours and shades of stone. I chose green for obvious reasons.

Embiggen this photo to observe the details

The more organic pieces of the set are the lifeforms of an alien world – there are giant alien worm trees in a number of different colors with glowing crystal fruits. There are smaller worm trees, alien cacti, and a selection of different sized mushrooms in a range of colours – including a set that glow. For those who remember the floating rocks of Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar, there’s floating rocks than can be scaled to your needs. One of my favourite pieces of this set is the stone arch, seen in the background. This set piece went a long way toward helping me put my composition together and added some fun. Perhaps instead of an alien world, our hero is in the belly of a beast?

And that’s the point of this set. It’s an other-worldly collection that really add a lot to your decoration or role play. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

You can check them out right now by making a quick teleport to Driftwood until September.

Harshlands @ Swank – Get the Elderwood Set Today!

Click here to read the review

Harshlands “Muso” Animesh Companion

Gacha Garden – getcha some gacha

The people at Harshlands have done it again.

They’ve managed to lure me into looking at the world of fantasy in a new way with the release of the Muso Animesh Companion. This is a companion that is fit for a wide variety of fantasy settings and works very well for science fiction settings as well. I dare say it is an excellent addition to my ever growing collection of items that fit my Green Lantern theme.

Starting on August 1st, you can get your hands on some of these little critters.

Available after August 1st at Gacha Gardens

Harshlands Crystal Infection Collection

The Crystal Lady does not wish to be disturbed!

There’s some upcoming product from Harshlands that you may want to get injected with. It’s a crystal infection and is resistant to most treatment and as a result, you’ll have little choice but to add it to your collection.

These crystals say DIE!

The Crystal Infection is a set of crystals that come in five main colours with a number of different pieces. My favourite has to be the infected skeletons. They come in five colours and three poses so you can easily litter your cave, dungeon, underwater realm with the bodies of those who desired to possess these crystals without being worthy of them. Or perhaps they angered the Crystal Lady, guardian of the crystals.

Oy! I get somfing in me eye!

The Crystal Infection collection also has a tree and bush, again in the five colours and you can mix and match those to create a dense crystal forest. There’s also crystal grass, which I used as intended in my photos, but also lined the walls of my cave set, adding a pretty cool effect.

Lastly, the collection has a crystal infected skeleton avatar that you can wear and this adds even more opportunity to RP or get your skeleton posed just the way you like it.

It’s a magical set that is full of possibilities beyond just being cool decor. There’s a lot of RP possibilities with this, given the number of different colours and shapes and textures. One could easily imagine the different colours having different properties or energies or powers and decorate accordingly.

This collection is out now so be sure to pick it up as you’ll be unlikely to regret it.

Harshlands Twisted Hunt & Driftwood 2019

Harshlands – Ruined Alcove

One of my favourite pieces from Driftwood 2019 set is the Ruined Alcove. This is an excellent and mysterious set piece that is suitable for a wide range of decorative themes. It’s resizeable which was good since my cave set isn’t very large. For more information, follow this link.

Harshlands – Mushroom Path, Crystal Flowers, Energy Crystals

The mushroom path, crystal flowers, and energy crystals lend an additional level of mystery. All the items can be resized and I resized the energy crystals a little as I placed them onto the floor. I thought they looked good as though they were slowly coming out of the ground. I left the mushrooms slightly out of scale as it gives the scene an Alice in Wonderland vibe.

Harshlands – Crystal Arches

The crystal arches look great inside my little cave set, almost like the ribs of some creature with brightly coloured flora growing inside the belly. They were sized to fit inside and like the other elements, come in several colours. For more information, follow this link.

Harshlands – Magic Rocks

Almost completing my little cave adventure is the Magic Cave Rocks. They come in three shapes and five colours. This means they match all the other items. I was tempted to make the cave scene all one colour, but the mix and match really sets it off, I think. The are skulls and other creepy features (the Magic Cave Arch sports the same) and you’ll have to decide if that fits whatever theme you’re working on. Personally, I find skulls and such a bit too creepy but I cannot deny that they don’t seem right at home in the photo and on the set. And if you get the Magic Cave Arch, you pretty much have to get these rocks as well to continue with the aesthetic. More information here.

Harshlands – Troll Den

Admittedly, my favourite item from the new pieces from Harshlands is a little minimized in this photos. Nonetheless, it is a unique piece and one that completes the mystery of the cave. The vaguely feline face, the gaping mouth with the jagged teeth, and the strangely inviting steps that lead right inside, provide the perfect end to this particular chapter of my cave adventure. More information here.

Full disclosure: I was presented these items as part of a “blogger” pack in lieu of this review. However, the set design & photography was my own idea.

Harshlands & Fantasy Faire 2019

While not a primary interest of mine, I do appreciate some elements of the fantasy genre, especially as I make my home in SL at End of Time. End of Time is a collection of eight sims, loosely based on the notion of being apart from normal time and space. As such, the sims host a number of unusual sights, a 1950s village, urban blight of the 1980s, ancient ruins seemingly thousands of years old, and a crashed alien space ship. More importantly, End of Time welcomes all kinds of avatars but one must admit there’s a special fondness for those with a fantasy theme.

With the Fantasy Faire in full swing, I decided to review three main elements from Harshlands: a tiny magic houses, a sacred mirror, and tiny avatars called Aethereals.

The Aethereals are a gacha item and come in both male and female and in a lot of different varieties. My favourite one is the “art” version seen in the photo. These are tiny avatars, less than a half meter in height. They are also a little bit spooky and difficult to see in tall grass or complex backgrounds and that perhaps is part of what makes them special. At the set up for the Fantasy Faire, Harshlands has a number of Aethereals out in plain sight, if one is looking for them. If not, they can suddenly appear in your vision and give you a genuine start – at least that was my case.

The next item is a sacred mirror. It is a column, with attractive vines, decoration, and a centerpiece, filled with water. With “advanced lighting” activated, it’s possible to look into the water and see a vision. These visions can be chosen by the owner and for role play purposes are not only beautiful but applicable to a wide variety of adventures. They are also just pretty to look at. As this is meant to be a sacred item, I’ve hidden it inside one of the many caves at End of Time. Perhaps, I’ll pop in from time to time to change the vision inside the mirror.

The Aethereals need a place to live, and fortunately for them, they have tiny magic houses. These houses come with a scripted door and are just about the perfect size for the little avatars. They would also make a nice play house for the toodlerdoo in your life. But if you don’t want a tiny house but like the design, the houses come in a larger size for the regular sized avatars. There’s not much space, but with the right eye for design, there are possibilities. For the Aethereals, perhaps there’s a pixie furniture maker for them. That’s something outside my knowledge.