Weekly Mix & Match for January 27th, 2020

Tuesday is early with this Mix & Match featuring Wretch
Tuesday comes early with this inspired casual dress by Wretch

If you’ve not already checked out Carole & Tuesday on Netflix, you really should. It’s an impressive anime full of wonderful characters, amazing songs, and works unexpectedly as a pretty good prequel for the sci-fi series, The Expanse.

Using Wretch’s “Casual Dress” available on the MP, I put together an outfit that I thought looked close enough to one of the titular characters on the series.

The guitar is one of the trickier bits. So many guitars are NO MOD and this means they were built for 10 foot tall avatars and won’t work at my scale. Fortunately, one of my very first purchases in SL was the LISP Pink Flamingo Sofa that so happens to have a guitar that can be modded. It’s only L$110 and comes with a free sofa. (insert snicker)

Anyway, this is a fantastic dress that can be transformed in so many different ways to fit so many different wants and needs. No AVI(L) should be left without it….unless you don’t like dresses or are a guy, I guess. Some guys like dresses tho. Just stop reading this and buy this dress.

It comes with heeled shoes/feet if that sweetens the deal.

Hair: “94” by Barberyumyum
Head: “Koura” by CATWA
Necklace: “Amour Heart” by SuXue
Body: “FEM Body” by AVI(L)
Skin: “Christiana” by AVI(L)
Dress: “Casual Dress” by Wretch
Leggings: “Art Knit” by Liva Pininfarina
Shoes: “Casual Dress Shoes” by Wretch
Accessories: (same as previous sets)

*Guitar available as part of LISP Pink Flamingo Sofa

Tweenster Mix & Match for Jan 27th, 2020

Tweenster Mix & Match for Jan 27th, 2020 - Pt. 1
Akiko models this week’s Tweenster Mix & Match

This week on the Cool Beans Blog is something new! The Tweenster Mix & Match. My girlfriend, Akiko, recently switched back to Tweenster from her AVI(L), enjoying the wide selection and variety of clothing types and designers. I’ve not kept up with Tweenster since it hardly needs my help promoting it. It’s probably in the top five avatars in SL. But Akiko’s fresh looks did catch my attention and I thought why not feature her particular fashion sense in a new Mix & Match series.

Hair: “Gala” by Rezology
Head: “Pink” by CATWA
Glasses: “Nerd Glasses” by Mad Mesh
Body: Tweenster by Meshmerized
Skin: “Minji” by Pink Fuel
Top: “Hoodie Sweatshirt” by INSPIRE
Pants: “Wrinkled Pants” by INSPIRE
Shoes: “Sneakers” by Flavia Designs
Purse: “Emeline Bag” by Dolly Daydream

Honestly, my favourite part of this mix & match is the average “everydayness” of it. It looks like something you’d see anyone wearing without giving it a second thought. This isn’t to say that it’s plain or uninteresting. It is comfortable. It is casual. It is normal. A lot of fashions in SL tend towards the fantastic. This is fine unless you wish to be more casual or common or just part of the crowd.

I also love the bag. I’ve got to get that bag for myself!

Tweenster Mix & Match for Jan 27th, 2020 - Pt 2

Next up is Akiko’s club life look. This top is perfect for a rave, a night out with friends, all kinds of events, or just looking and feeling good when you’re up late doing math homework. Paired with these pants, some of the edginess of the top is reduced and helps to make the whole outfit fun and flirty without leaning toward full on sexy. The sneakers compliment the look with the white in the sole working nicely with the water bottle in the bag.

Hair: “Gala” by Rezology
Head: “Pink” by CATWA
Glasses: “Nerd Glasses” by Mad Mesh
Body: Tweenster by Meshmerized
Skin: “Minji” by Pink Fuel
Top: “Leather String Top” by INSPIRE
Pants: “Wrinkled Pants” by INSPIRE
Shoes: “Sneakers” by Flavia Designs
Purse: “Emeline Bag” by Dolly Daydream

Tweenster Mix & Match for Jan 27th, 2020 - Pt 3

Akiko’s last look is mostly her take on Dolly Daydream’s Emeline set. But it’s still a mix and match as the set comes with a number of different colours and textures. Akiko continues the black & white theme, adding legwarmers and mary janes to finish out the look. The Emeline Bag comes with the Emeline set and is the perfect match.

I have to say the Mitten Garter is absolutely cute beyond compare.

Of all of the looks, this one is my favourite. And yes, it is probably not as “everyday” as the first look that I fawned over, but it’s still 10 of 10 for style and dare I say, Akiko adds a certain grace to the look.

I won’t go so far on this blog to recommend the Tweenster but damn there are some nice fashions coming from a variety of designers! And at the price point the Tweenster retails, it’s not hard to imagine more than a few AVI(L) body swapping just to wear some of these great new fashions. I mean, it won’t surprise you to know that I have a Tweenster myself. For fashion purposes only, I assure you.

Anyway, thanks to Akiko for modelling these looks.

And don’t worry, I’ll have an AVI(L) mix & match on the blog soon.

WRETCH: Kemono Pants for AVI(L) Youth & Mature

Kemono Pants
Pays to check the Flickr queue before taking a nap

After a busy day taking some Tweenster Mix & Match photos, I decided to check the queue for the official AVI(L) Flickr and I was greeted with this submission. Wow! What a surprise.

I’m not in close contact with PetiteAnaiis of Wretch, though we have spoken a few times. So this comes as a bit of a surprise. I don’t have them in hand just yet and will likely have to wait until the start of SaNaRae Round #52 which begins January 26th at 7pm SLT. But if they are anything like Wretch’s other offerings, you can expect these pants to basically work like a full perm item. That’s how much control Wretch’s HUDs usually give you.

These look like they have a quality leather texture and the zippers and other details are attractive. These would be perfect for rocking on stage, kicking down doors as a space pirate, or just making your parents uncomfortable. They have a strong taper but don’t hold out too much hope that you’ll be able to wear boots over them. But with the right boot, it’s probably possible.

UPDATE: I spoke with PetiteAnaiis and they say the pants have 2 levels of alpha at the bottom to increase the chance the pants will fit the boot of your choice. YAAY!

A lot of you AVI(L) types say to me that you wish there was more stuff coming out. But what I hear from designers is that there doesn’t seem to be many buyers. So when this hits at SaNaRae, put your money where your mouth is and buy. In fact, why not buy ALL the things that Wretch makes that fit the AVI(L)?

Wretch on the MP

In-World Store

Wretch Discord

Wretch Blog

(look at that – a real blog – not a crap freebie blog like I insist on using)

Need more branded logo shirts? Need a freebie? The End of Time has you covered!

Welcome back to Bare Buns Bakery

Thanks to Mathilda Chamallow, there is now a freebie End of Time branded tank top. There’s gift boxes all around the estate but why not stop by the Bare Buns Bakery and pick yours up today?*


It’s available in all five AVI(L) sizes and looks pretty great to me but EoT is one of my absolute favourite places, so I’m biased.

*Clothing Optional Estate

Guess who’s back? Back again. Chi is back. Tell a friend!

It’s been nearly a month and I’m officially back.

I’ve already started some reviews/promotion of recent products. And I’m looking to do some more. There’s some HARSHLANDS items that I need to blog about soon as well.

This is my first day back on what will hopefully be a much more manageable schedule.

I appreciate your patience over the past few weeks!

So what’s on the agenda?

The first thing was to get some recent AVI(L) product reviewed/promoted. And now that I’ve done that, the next big thing will be to relocate my studio.

My studio has been way up in the sky at AVI(L)and since the sim was established. But I wish to sever the last tie I have to AVI(L) so that I can be fully independent. And this means no more free rent for my studio parcel.

I will be relocating my studio to the End of Time which is not only where I happen to live, it’s pretty much where my entire social circle lives. It just makes sense to put the studio there along with my beach bakery, fitness centre, and other attractions I’ve added over the last couple of years.

And along with that chore, there’s a LOT of catching up to do with friends and family in-world.

More updates soon!