AVI(L) Mix & Match for February 3rd, 2020

AVI(L) Weekly Mix & Match for Feb 3rd, 2020

Zero-One’s super practical and fun t-shirt makes wearing jackets a joy.

Lots of blogging this weekend. But the last thing before I take my week long break from all things SL is this AVI(L) Mix & Match for February 3rd, 2020.

This week’s Mix & Match was made to feature the T-Shirt by Zero-One. The thing to notice about that T-Shirt is that it was designed to fit under a wide variety of jackets. Notice that this jacket by Leeloo Shoppe, fits perfectly over the T-Shirt. This isn’t a common thing at all and it’s something every AVI(L) ought to consider for their wardrobe.

The rest of the outfit isn’t perhaps the most creative of the ones I’ve done but my intent was to focus on the jacket/t-shirt combo which is something that I’ve heard a lot of AVI(L) wished to have.

Get it your T-shirt today at Zero-One’s site on the MP

Hair: “Chai w/ Kitty Ears” by Wasabi Pills
Head: “Koura” by Catwa
Body: “FEM R4 Little” by AVI(L)
Skin: “Custom Chisato” by AVI(L)
Jacket: “Urban Summer Jacket” by Leeloo Shoppe
Shirt: “Lemonade Day” by Zero-One
Belt & Pants: “Flare Jeans” by Liva Pininfarina
Shoes: “Kidscat – Pastels” by Liva Pininfarina

HARSHLANDS! Driftwood Exclusive: Star Tree

HARSHLANDS! Driftwood Exclusive: Star Tree

Beginning on Feb 5th, 2020, HARSHLANDS will be offering this exclusive item at Driftwood: Kingdom Hearts event.

At first, this tree looks like any tropical tree until you notice the star shaped fruit. They taste like oranges, by the way. If you find yourself stranded on an alien world with these trees, you’ll be glad to know that your water supply is contained in the fruit – with no ill effect unlike coconut water.

The Star Tree is resizeable but I left it as it came out of the box and you can see the scale based on my 1.47 m avatar (around 5 feet tall).

One of the things I enjoyed about the Star Tree is how normal it seems until you notice the curious fruit. This is a good “Alice in Wonderland” vibe and could be just the start of a journey down the rabbit hole. There’s a lot of detail in the texture, especially under strongly angled windlights and projector light.

Of course, one doesn’t have to make the tree into some strange alien thing, it could just be some fun decoration. The design of the tree does have a little limit in that when sitting on a flat surface, part of the leaves clips into the ground. I thought this was a flaw until I realized it was meant to hang into water. You can’t see that detail in my photo but it was a feature of the set-piece. It’s actually how I came up with the idea for the photo.

Tree in the water, water means fish, fish means someone to fish, and the fisher obviously needed to be an otherworldly soul survivor or some such.

But that’s what I’ve really loved about becoming part of the Harshlands experience, using their wares as a spring broad for my imagination and creating pieces that I would never have thought of without them.

If you got some time and coin, check out this and other exclusives at Driftwood: Kingdom Hearts event:

Harshlands on the MP

Harshlands in-world store

Official Harshlands Blog

Harshlands @ Driftwood, Feb 5th

CBC Presents: Chisato in Concert

Driftwood Presents: Kingdom Hearts

Harshlands will have two exclusives at Driftwood, one of these is reviewed here. I’ll review the other one as soon as I figure out how to shoot it.

So, as one might expect for February and an event entitled: Kingdom Hearts, there’s likely to be some focus on hearts. And Harshlands is right there with you. A collection of large (resizeable) metallic hearts. They come in five seasonal themed colors: red and pink for Valentine’s and green, gold, and blue for Mardis Gras and in two versions: one with a crown and one without out.

These are great decorative items and as soon as I saw them I was struck how I might use it as stage decoration or for a dance or well, as a background for photographs. Mind you, they are gorgeous in their own right and one might just have them out as a piece of art.

Check out all the Harshlands exclusives at Driftwood Presents: Kingdom Hearts, starting on Feb 5th, 2020.

Tweenster Mix & Match for Feb 3rd, 2020

Tweenster Mix & Match - Feb 3rd 2020

Last week, I asked Akiko if she’d be interested in putting together looks, not necessarily weekly, to be featured on my blog. It seems that she’s quite eager and based on this look, I think there’s going to be a lot of great mix & matches to look forward to.

Hair: “Baseball Cap” by Argrace
Head: “Pink” by CATWA
Glasses: “Wayfarer” by YOB!
Body: Tweenster by Meshmerized
Skin: “Minji” by Pink Fuel
Top: “Weekend Fever” by Zero-One
Backpack: “Alpek” by White Canvas Templates
Wrap: “Hipster Wrap Around” by 2Cute
Pants: “Pink Leggings” by Voodoo Monkey
Gloves: “Leather Gloves” by J-Lyn
Shoes: “Alpine Boots” by Rebellion

Once again, one of the things I’m really enjoying about Akiko’s looks is how true-to-life they are. If you’ve been hiking or camping, chances are you have seen someone wearing something very much like this. The shirt/jacket wrapped around the waist is perfection. She’s also kitted out nicely with her pack, hat, sunglasses, hiking boots, and gloves. Perhaps an unappreciated detail is the flexibility her yoga pants might give her should she decide to climb some rocks.

True to the tradition of mix & match, this look features a lot of pieces from different designers. One needs to be called out specifically, and that’s the shirt from Zero-One. You might recognize this shirt as similar to one recently released for AVI(L). Well, this is the Tweenster version and it looks great.

To learn more about Zero-One‘s wares, check out their shop on the MP and their in-world store.