AVI(L) Mix & Match for February 3rd, 2020

AVI(L) Weekly Mix & Match for Feb 3rd, 2020

Zero-One’s super practical and fun t-shirt makes wearing jackets a joy.

Lots of blogging this weekend. But the last thing before I take my week long break from all things SL is this AVI(L) Mix & Match for February 3rd, 2020.

This week’s Mix & Match was made to feature the T-Shirt by Zero-One. The thing to notice about that T-Shirt is that it was designed to fit under a wide variety of jackets. Notice that this jacket by Leeloo Shoppe, fits perfectly over the T-Shirt. This isn’t a common thing at all and it’s something every AVI(L) ought to consider for their wardrobe.

The rest of the outfit isn’t perhaps the most creative of the ones I’ve done but my intent was to focus on the jacket/t-shirt combo which is something that I’ve heard a lot of AVI(L) wished to have.

Get it your T-shirt today at Zero-One’s site on the MP

Hair: “Chai w/ Kitty Ears” by Wasabi Pills
Head: “Koura” by Catwa
Body: “FEM R4 Little” by AVI(L)
Skin: “Custom Chisato” by AVI(L)
Jacket: “Urban Summer Jacket” by Leeloo Shoppe
Shirt: “Lemonade Day” by Zero-One
Belt & Pants: “Flare Jeans” by Liva Pininfarina
Shoes: “Kidscat – Pastels” by Liva Pininfarina

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