Tweenster Mix & Match for Feb 3rd, 2020

Tweenster Mix & Match - Feb 3rd 2020

Last week, I asked Akiko if she’d be interested in putting together looks, not necessarily weekly, to be featured on my blog. It seems that she’s quite eager and based on this look, I think there’s going to be a lot of great mix & matches to look forward to.

Hair: “Baseball Cap” by Argrace
Head: “Pink” by CATWA
Glasses: “Wayfarer” by YOB!
Body: Tweenster by Meshmerized
Skin: “Minji” by Pink Fuel
Top: “Weekend Fever” by Zero-One
Backpack: “Alpek” by White Canvas Templates
Wrap: “Hipster Wrap Around” by 2Cute
Pants: “Pink Leggings” by Voodoo Monkey
Gloves: “Leather Gloves” by J-Lyn
Shoes: “Alpine Boots” by Rebellion

Once again, one of the things I’m really enjoying about Akiko’s looks is how true-to-life they are. If you’ve been hiking or camping, chances are you have seen someone wearing something very much like this. The shirt/jacket wrapped around the waist is perfection. She’s also kitted out nicely with her pack, hat, sunglasses, hiking boots, and gloves. Perhaps an unappreciated detail is the flexibility her yoga pants might give her should she decide to climb some rocks.

True to the tradition of mix & match, this look features a lot of pieces from different designers. One needs to be called out specifically, and that’s the shirt from Zero-One. You might recognize this shirt as similar to one recently released for AVI(L). Well, this is the Tweenster version and it looks great.

To learn more about Zero-One‘s wares, check out their shop on the MP and their in-world store.

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