Weekly Mix & Match for January 27th, 2020

Tuesday is early with this Mix & Match featuring Wretch
Tuesday comes early with this inspired casual dress by Wretch

If you’ve not already checked out Carole & Tuesday on Netflix, you really should. It’s an impressive anime full of wonderful characters, amazing songs, and works unexpectedly as a pretty good prequel for the sci-fi series, The Expanse.

Using Wretch’s “Casual Dress” available on the MP, I put together an outfit that I thought looked close enough to one of the titular characters on the series.

The guitar is one of the trickier bits. So many guitars are NO MOD and this means they were built for 10 foot tall avatars and won’t work at my scale. Fortunately, one of my very first purchases in SL was the LISP Pink Flamingo Sofa that so happens to have a guitar that can be modded. It’s only L$110 and comes with a free sofa. (insert snicker)

Anyway, this is a fantastic dress that can be transformed in so many different ways to fit so many different wants and needs. No AVI(L) should be left without it….unless you don’t like dresses or are a guy, I guess. Some guys like dresses tho. Just stop reading this and buy this dress.

It comes with heeled shoes/feet if that sweetens the deal.

Hair: “94” by Barberyumyum
Head: “Koura” by CATWA
Necklace: “Amour Heart” by SuXue
Body: “FEM Body” by AVI(L)
Skin: “Christiana” by AVI(L)
Dress: “Casual Dress” by Wretch
Leggings: “Art Knit” by Liva Pininfarina
Shoes: “Casual Dress Shoes” by Wretch
Accessories: (same as previous sets)

*Guitar available as part of LISP Pink Flamingo Sofa

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