Weekly Mix & Match for December 23rd

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Here is an authentic Japanese style for those of you, like me, who are into these kinds of things. It’s absolutely darling and when trying on the demo my girlfriend Akiko said to me, “…that’s the most Japanese thing I’ve seen you wear.” I’m not gonna argue with that.

If you wear hair by Barberyumyum, chances are you’ve been to their in-world store. It’s a great little store all on it’s own but it’s located on a sim with an eclectic mix of Japanese and world culture themed gachas and shops. It is worth a visit. But tucked up in the corner is Mikunch. This is a shop that has a wide variety of fashions, some of them fairly dated but some seem timeless. Many of them are XXS in size and that means there’s a chance they just might fit AVI(L). Fortunately, you don’t have to take a huge risk since everything had a demo.

And you’ll definitely wanna try a demo with these. For one, not everything fits and for another, a lot of their wares are expensive.

Let me get to the point – this Mix & Match is around 2,000 L$.

I know right? But hear me out.

The sweater, skirt, socks, and shoes, all come with a multi texture HUD. So this means you are really getting several similar outfits at the same time. And these are really nice combinations. Because these are all separates, there’s excellent opportunities for more mixing and matching. But yeah, it’s expensive.

But if you have the coin and are looking for something unusual or specifically thematic – then this is for you:

Available in-world only.

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