HARSHLANDS @ Driftwood “North of Whoville” Event thru December

Click to Embiggen

HARSHLANDS presents “The Grinch Setup” at DRIFTWOOD for this months’ North of Whoville events.


This is a cute and funny set and one might think, a little unexpected from the HARSHLANDS but combine the Driftwood exclusives with a few other recent releases and you can see how it all adds up to some ominous whimsy.

In “The Grinch Setup” you can get:

  • The Grinch Tree – with decoration dispenser
  • The Whoville Sign – with directional pointing action
  • Christmas Boxes – stacked, unstacked, and a special feature
  • Whoville Cake House – with Kool Door & 3 colour themes
  • Grinch Cut Out – with poses

If you “embiggen” my photo, you can see the details of many of these items and how they might work together as a set. But being me, I also added some items that are also currently available.

The photo includes the Meego critters from the Imaginarium Event: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//128/222/3466

and the Jack O Snowman from A Shooping Carole: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dragonstone/151/103/21

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