Weekly Mix & Match for December 9th!

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Thanks to Samantha Yates for alerting me to this awesome jacket at an incredible price!

  • Hair: “57” by BarberYumYum
  • Head: “Koura” by Catwa
  • Body: “HOM R4 None” by AVI(L)
  • Skin: “European” by AVI(L)
  • Top: “Tweed Zip-Up” by Gabriel***
  • Pants: “Slim Uniform Pants” by OrangePekoe Socks: “Wizard HS Knee Socks” by OrangePekoe
  • Shoes: “Pacific Coast Hwy” by Liva Pininfarina

I make a pretty good looking boy!

Yes! In case you didn’t know, AVI(L) can be boys. It’s a little harder to make a convincing teen boy but there’s other avatars for that, I guess. But if you’re wanting to be a tween boy, then AVI(L) can serve so long as you’re willing to experiment (a lot) with compatible clothes as there’s not much coming from AVI(L) designers specifically for you.

But in this week’s Mix & Match, the only official AVI(L) product is the Pacific Coast Highway shoes. I thought they were a good match but after taking the photo I remembered that Jinn Designs makes a pretty nice looking sneaker that would serve just as well. The pants are by Orange*Pekoe as are the socks. However, I’m sure you’re reading for the top.

Well, there’s a LOT of things on discount at Gabriel, including things in the XXS size that just might maybe fit AVI(L) Boys. I haven’t tried on everything but I did try on this Tweed Zip-Up as recommended by Samantha Yates and it fits pretty good. I had to use some alphas but don’t let that deter you. There’s nothing in the outfit that gives that away. And if you use Slink Dynamic Bento hands, as I do, there’s a tiny bit of clipping around the sleeves. I used my AVI(L) hands for this photo.

This Tweed Zip-Up is only 1L$! There’s really no excuse for not picking it up. It’s a great addition to any boys wardrobe and it will look plenty good on girls as well.

Gabriel in-world store

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