HARSHLANDS! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-Meego open sleigh @ IMAGINARIUM

Click here to embiggen

HARSHLANDS introduces the MEEGO into the world and we are all the better for it…maybe. These mischievous little imps are available all through the month of December at the IMAGINARIUM event.

There are #34 of these cute, cuddly, and bitey critters with TWO rare varieties.

My favourite ones are The Naughties of course. Each Meego has two different styles you can win, one you can hold and another that orbits around you, dusting you with what is hopefully sparkling seasonal spirit.

And perhaps the most fun item is guaranteed with 20 pulls:

Over the fields you’ll go, laughing (or screaming) all the way with this Meego Sleigh. This is a wearable item with sounds and a magic trail. This will be an Imaginarium Exclusive so I wouldn’t expect it to pop up on the HARSHLANDS MP later on.

So get out to the Imaginarium all through December and find the Meego of your dreams and perhaps a pretty slick ride.

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