Weekly Mix & Match for November 11th, 2019

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It’s time for another Mix & Match and this time, we get guest fashion ace, ̗̀亗ღ ÉɠƖαηƚϊηε LovεƖy ღ亗 ̖́- (eglantine18) providing the style.

Hair: “CUPCAKE ” by eXxEsS
Head: “Lona v3.2” by Catwa
Body: “AVI(L) FEM Body R4.1 ” by AVI(L)
Hands: “Dynamic Hands” by Slink
Skin: “European” by AVI(L)
Shirt: “Black Lace Corsage ” by Liva Pininfarina
Jacket: “Bambi Jacket” by Plastix
Bag: “Couture Bag” by Alpha Female
Jeans: “Chloe Jean Pants” in Black – by Adorsy
Shoes: “Mary Jane Heels” by Jinn Designs
Glasses: “Leo Glasses” by Black Rhapsody
Choker: “Babygirl Choker” by Sugar
Necklace: “Passion” by RealEvil Industries
Piercings: “Black Heart” by Liva Pininfarina
“Maverick Piercing” by Blaxium
“Nera Piercing” by Blaxium

…and many more things, omigosh!

What I like about this is that Egalantine has found a way to make the AVI(L) much more mature looking through the use of style and fashion. I do this myself but she is on a whole other level. By taking clothes that fit close enough, often those for Maitreya, she is able to change the shape of her avatar, giving her broad and shapely hips and butt. This is something I’ve not tried, or at the very least, have not tried successfully.

They have a flickr here but is commonly NSFW. But a lot of her fashion style is displayed here.

I hope this encourages all you AVI(L) to experiment more with a wider variety of looks!

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