HARSHLANDS! Enchantment – The Snow Queen

Pay tribute to the Snow Queen and click here

Out now at Enchantment:

Winter Guardian and Root of the Heart, exclusive releases.

Plus, 20% off Muso Gacha!

I’ll miss the winter
A world of fragile things
Look for me in the white forest
Hiding in a hollow tree

Amy Lee – Evanescence (2004)

As soon as I was presented with the Enchantment exclusives from HARSHLANDS, the song lyrics from “My Last Breath” by the goth rock band Evanescence played in my head. I knew exactly how I wanted to present the pieces. I imagined an acolyte of the Snow White Queen (another song by Evanescence) searching through forests to be reunited with her but finding only a shrine and queenly tree.

But if one looks closely at the foot of the queenly tree, one might notice a small, secret door (and yes, Secret Door is another song by Evanescence).

I purposefully didn’t reveal what lies behind the door in my photos but perhaps it is enough to say, there IS something beyond that door.

The Winter Guardian and Root of the Heart shrine both come in plain & snow covered versions and are highly detailed. Indeed, the details are exceptional and a fitting tribute to a snow queen or any number of forest entities. These are separate items but do work well when paired together. I noticed that the Winter Guardian could not be sized, perhaps because the secrets beyond the door would be a challenge. But the Root of the Heart can be resized. In my photo, I put the shrine into what I thought would be in scale for my smaller avatar.

I really hope you find this set as fun inspirational as I did and they become an important part of your winter themes.

They will be at the Enchantment event until December 2nd.

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