Harshlands Autumn Guardian @ SWANK all November

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Maybe you’re not one of the lucky few to be granted the power of the Green Lantern but that’s no reason not to take advantage of a great new item from Harshlands. The Autumn Guardian is a SWANK exclusive all through November 2019 and a surprisingly versatile item for fantasy and sci-fi realms. This wooden figure, cradles an optional pool of tears, testimony to the pain the natural world must bear since the rise of Man. Alternatively, it’s a pool of rain water within which a member of the Green Lantern Corps can relax while recharging her power ring.

The Autumn Guardian comes in mossy and and dead leaf forms, both with or without the pool of tears. It can be re-scaled but fit my avatar right out of the box. It’s larger than you might expect but not so large that it doesn’t fit well into forest scenes. I had no problem finding room for it on the tree crowded End of Time sim.

So if you’re wanting something to add a little more to your fantasy scenes, perhaps even something that can be a character or plot point in your role play, I think the Autumn Guardian is a great choice.

Get it now at SWANK throughout November 2019

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