Mix & Match for Week of October 28th, 2019

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I was a little late with this one, partly due to SL shenanigans on Sunday. You’d think that blogging at least once a week wouldn’t be much of a chore but ya know…somehow manages to feel like that sometimes. But minus a little ennui this week, things are going pretty well for me so time to get back on track.

Hair: “Rena” by Taketomi
Eyeglasses: “Lea Glasses” by [69]
Head: “Koura” by Catwa
Body: “Fem R4 More” by AVI(L)
Skin: “Custom Chisato” by AVI(L)
Shirt: “T-Shirt” by NV.Designs
Shirt 2: “Double Shirt Add-on” by NV.Designs
Belt” Daerwen Belt by The Forge
Skirt: “Gypsy Skirt – Teal” by Adorkable
Boots: “Mio Boots – Black” by Liva Pininfarina
Leggings: “Black Lace Thigh-Highs” by Liva Pininfarina
Bag: “Soho Punk Shoulder Bag” by Liva Pininfarina

This outfit was inspired entirely by the skirt. Adorkable used to be one of my go to places for SMB outfits back before my AVI(L) days. And even since, plenty of Adorkable’s stuff still fits. Adorkable and Vicarious Youth have merged into one, at least in-world, but Adorkable’s MP is still active. There’s a number of skirts like this that fit fairly well, though there’s gonna be a little clipping when walking or sitting.

There’s a LOT of midriff baring tops for AVI(L) but I wanted to make a more fall-themed, cool weather outfit and I thought of the long-sleeve add-on for the t-shirt by NV.Designs. As an added bonus, the sleeve cover the join on my Slink hands. The texture is custom-tinted by me using the editing tool in Firestorm.

All the pieces are sold individually or are part of a larger pack. But there’s a lot of different tops, leggings, and boots that will compliment this skirt just fine. So if you can’t afford the outfit that features the Mio Boots, plenty of other boots out there.

As always, get out there and make your own mixes and matches. And if you have something you really like and think others would like, hit me up in world and maybe you’ll get featured on the blog.

Coming up this weekend, something REALLY wild!

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