Weekly Week Mix & Match for October 21st

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Weekly Mix & Match

Week of Oct 21, 2019

Hair: “Sheryl” by Wasabi
Headband: “80’s Headband” by Izzie
Eyeglasses: “70’s Sunglasses” by Izzie
Head: “Koura” by Catwa
Body: “Fem R4 More” by AVI(L)
Necklace: “Tara Leather Cord” by Maxi Gossamer
Skin: “Custom Chisato” by AVI(L)
Shirt: “Weekend Forever” by [Zero-One]*
Backpack: “Rainbow Armadillo” by [Zero-One]
Pants: “Plaid Capri” by Jinn Design
Shoes: “Minimalist Sandals” by Orange*Pekoe
Wrist: “Simply on Your Wrist – Silver” by Kosmo
Nail polish: “Piggy Paint” by AVI(L)
Pose: “Bookworm” by Embody

Special Thanks for Maerin Tamura for the school
background set piece.

*Coming Soon

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