Weekly Mix & Match for October 14th

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This week’s Mix & Match wasn’t what I had planned. I suppose I’ll have to save that for another week. I had thought I was going to attend a “witch” themed party but as it turned out, I was confusing one event for another. Instead, I was to attend a “garden party.”

If you’re anything like me, you have more stuff in your inventory than you can easily remember. I need to rely on keywords and such to find anything. So typing in “garden” pulled up the garden set from Orange*Pekoe. And it was these pieces that became the foundation of the whole look.

Now, there’s certainly enough pieces from Orange*Pekoe to fully clothe my avatar without mixing and matching but that’s not the spirit of the thing. What’s important in this mix & match, for me anyway, is that there’s three layers!

The first layer is a bikini serving as underwear. The second is the garden skirt by Orange*Pekoe. The third layer is the garden overall. That all three layers work so well together is a nice surprise and something I find very satisfying as it feels more “real.” With “bakes on mesh” starting to show up and a little too much trash talk about “onion layers” flying around, I feel like it’s important to stress that onion layering looks more realistic than what is essentially “body paint” with bakes on mesh. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, this is a fun little outfit. Perhaps not the perfect time of year for a garden themed mix & match…in the northern hemisphere anyway but whatever. It’s still fun.

  • Hair: “Garden hat w/ hair” by OrangePekoe
  • Head: “Koura” by Catwa Body: “ AVI(L) FEM Body R4.1” by AVI(L)
  • Skin: “Custom Chisato” by AVI(L)
  • Necklace: “Amour Heart Necklace 2” by SuXue Design
    • “Tara Leather Cord” by Maxi Gossamer
    • “Chloe Leather Necklace” by Maxi Gossamer
  • Glasses: “Fasion Glasses” by lllmasirolll
  • Shirt: “Jeans CropKnotShirt” by Liva Pininfarina
  • Bikini Top: “White Flutterbyebye” by Liva Pininfarina
  • Bikini Bottom: “White Flutterbyebye” by Liva Pininfarina*
  • Skirt: “Garden Skirt” by OrangePekoe Overall: “Garden Overalls” by OrangePekoe
  • Boots: “French Wellington – Hunter” by Liva Pininfarina
  • Bangle: “Ft Ny B.H.S.M.E” by Bare Rose
  • Hands: “Dynamic Hands” by Slink

*Not Seen

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