Weekly Mix & Match for October 7th, 2019 (late)

Embiggen for greater details

What I like about this one – other than the fact that I didn’t come up with it – is that this is perfectly suitable for both male & female AVI(L). I do have specifically male themed Mix & Match ideas planned for the future.

But Akiko makes this outfit work for her. She means business and this outfit reinforces that. If you owe her money, best pay up!

Week of Oct 7, 2019 (late)

Hair: “Hazel” by MINA
Head: “Pink” by Catwa
Body: “Fem R4 More” by AVI(L)
Necklace: “Harshlands” by Akiko Yoshikawa**
Lollipop: “Lollipop” by Akiko Yoshikawa**
Skin: “European” by AVI(L)
Shirt: “T-Shirt for AVI(L)” by NV.Designs
Shirt 2: “Long Sleeve – Add on” by NV. Designs
Gloves: “Kill Pilll” in Black – by Liva Pininfarina*
Jeans: “GF Jeans” in Black – by Liva Pininfarina
Shoes: “Leather Sneakers” by Jinn Designs
Backpack: “Ellie Backpack” by Liva Pininfarina

*Part of the complete set
** Custom pieces

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