Harshlands Exclusives at SWANK all through October!

Don’t feel like you missed a step – click here to embiggen

All this month, Harshlands will be offering some exclusives at SWANK that might be just the thing for your decor needs. The first is very appropriate for this time of year, the Jack-O-Tree. Probably don’t stand too close as the inside of the malevolent grin carved into the trunk glows with the displaced souls of the innocent. The next is a stone church that pairs nicely with the Halloween themed items for the Driftwood – The Winchester Curse Event.

The last piece is my favourite as it offers a very irreverent take on a classic story. Have you ever asked yourself what might have happened if the prince never actually found Snow White? I mean, maybe Prince Charming just got the latest DLC and couldn’t be bothered. Now all you got is a dead girl in a glass tomb. And guess what happens if Prince Charming finally comes around? That’s right. Zombie.

To add these items and more, head out to SWANK and maybe don’t go around kissing dead girls in tombs.

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