Voodudes – holdable plush dolls by Harshlands available thru October at Gachaland

We have such sights to show you – click here to embiggen

It’s that time of year when stuff gets extra spooky in Secondlife. And at Harshlands, it’s even more spooky than usual with this scary good line up of holdable plush dolls called Voodudes.

You can already tell which one is my favourite

There are all a lot of fun and could be the perfect addition to your decor or to your costume. They are a great conversation piece and could be inspirational for your next creative project. I know as soon as Pin Head rezzed exactly what costume I needed and exactly where to set up the shot. These little dudes are even timely with a number of them having movies made recently or coming out soon.

Stranger Voodudes

And to reward your diligence in attempting to get that Samara Voodude, every 20th pull is a guaranteed Demogorgon. I don’t know what this is as I never watched the series Stranger Things but people say it’s pretty cool.

Head out to Gachaland and get your Voodudes today!

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