Mix & Match Week of Sept 16th, 2019

AVI(L) Friends!

It’s undeniable that things have slowed down quite a bit as far as new releases are concerned. But that’s no reason to let your fashion sense atrophy. I am starting a WEEKLY mix & match series! Every week I will create and post a new mix & match that will be composed of items you can buy from the MP or in-world stores. I will do my best to avoid items that are exclusive to me or customized by me.

This mix and match series will use items that “fit” the AVI(L) avatar even if they are not specifically made for it. This means that you can expect to see some SMB, some XS and XXS standard avatar gear, compatible Tweenster, and even items made to fit Maitreya that just so happen to look good on the AVI(L) as well. And if you see something you like, reply to the post or contact me in-world and I’ll see about adding it to the mix and match series.

The goal is to demonstrate the jaw-dropping number of options for the AVI(L) if you’re willing to go out and take chances and seek out possibilities. I’ll be including mixes and matches for both female and male avatars as well. The only caveat is that I’ll mainly be focused on the MORE size – since that’s the size I happen to wear. But I’m not above using some alphas, so if you see something only for the NONE size AVI(L) chest (or SMB), let me know and I’ll see if I can use it.

Let’s get started!

Embiggen this Mix & Match

The main feature of this mix and match is the LE:MON Cardigan reported by my good friend Mena. It’s XS size for the standard avatar but fits AVI(L) reasonably well.

Weekly Mix & Match
Week of Sept 16th, 2019

Hair: “S06” by Barberyumyum
Head: “Koura” by CATWA
Body: by AVI(L)
Body Skin: Kansas by AVI(L)
Choker: “Tara Leather Cord” by Maxi Gossamer
Necklace: “Amour Heart” by Suxue
Belly Chain: “Mickey’s Bellychain” by Liva Pininfarina
Shirt: “DerenderSafe Tanktop” by Liva Pininfarina
Jeans: “Bermuda Jeans” by Liva Pininfarina
Belt: “Bermuda Jeans Belt” by Liva Pininfarina
Socks: “Black Wool Overknees” by Liva Pininfarian ***
Cardigan: “LE:MON Cardigan” by Lemon Berry

*** The Black Wool Overknees are currently only available with the Pretty In Punk Outfit

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