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Harshlands offers up a great period or fantasy building set at Swank this month.

The Elderwood set consists of wood fencing for modular building, a full grown tree, a sapling, a wood cutter set, and magic house (previously reviewed) than comes in two sizes, one for pixie or similar sized avatars and one for full-sized avatars.

The Wood Cutter’s Rest set is probably my favourite of the set. It comes with a stack of wood logs, an ax embedded on a truck serving as a chopping block, and a truck for sitting. There are several nice sit animations, including the one in the photo which was only slightly edited by me (changing the angle of the head). The grass and flowers in the photos are not part of this set, nor is the brick background.

With just a tiny bit of time and attention to detail, I was able to make a very nice set piece using what was in the set. Of course, the items are sold separately, so if you already have the magic house, there’s no need to buy it again (the woodcutter’s rest is a set of three pieces).

All of the items are low prim, highly detailed, with materials enabled. If you wanted to have all the pieces, you’re not gonna spend much more than L$1000 which is a pretty good deal for this level of detail and thrifty prim utilization.

I highly recommend

Harshlands MP

Harshland In-World

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